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HST 212: National Latin America

Course Guide for HST 212L National Latin America

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Navigating EDS (Our New Catalog System)

The library webpage looks pretty much the same, but the backend has changed. Here are some links to help you find what you need:

EDS FAQs: Look here first if you run into a problem! These are continually being updated as issues surface and are solved.

Two Minute Tips: These videos are made by the Teaching and Learning department at the library. They're all useful, but these are particularly useful for navigating the new system:

Listed below are a few key indexes. Many of the discipline-based indexes, and the large inter-disciplinary indexes such as Proquest and Social Sciences Abstracts, are international in scope and can be found on the Libraries' Databases page.

Prisma and HAPI Online are fully integrated indexes devoted to Latin American studies-- Prisma offers key titles that are indexed in HAPI Online and incorporates HAPI indexing directly into the database. They are produced by different providers using different search algorithms, so results differ. Try both!