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World War II Collections at MSU Archives & Historical Collections: Other Resources

Other Resources

Alumni Association Records (UA 10.2)

Annual Reports of the Michigan Board of Agriculture (UA 1)

  • The Michigan Board of Agriculture was the governing body of MSC, and as such, its annual reports provide great detail on how World War II affected curriculum, students, faculty, and other aspects of life at MSC.
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East Lansing Woman’s Club Collection (UA 18.11)

  • 0.1 cubic feet
  • The East Lansing Woman’s Club, established in 1903, was a club devoted to the “mutual improvement, both social and intellectual,” of women in East Lansing, Michigan.  It was primarily comprised of female faculty members and the wives of faculty at Michigan State.
  • During World War II, the club discussed current topics, such as progress of democracy, price control, and rationing.  Members were urged to help the war effort by sending Red Cross kits to soldiers, volunteering for the war rationing board, and working as typists and nurses.   
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Michigan Bean Company Records (00110)

  • 5 cubic feet
  • Michigan Bean Company, under A. L. Riedel, was instrumental in the formation of the Michigan Bean Council of Growers and Shippers, Michigan Agricultural Export Association, Michigan Bean Growers Mutual Co-op, National Dried Bean Council, Saginaw Grain Elevator Project, and Bean Pool Marketing programs. Correspondence, financial papers, legal papers, ledgers and notes for these organizations are contained within these records.
  • During World War II, Riedel was a consultant for the Beans, Peas, and Rice Purchasing Division for the United States Department of Agriculture in connection with the Department of Defense Quartermasters Corps. He was instrumental in the development of a waterproof bag used for shipping grain during the war. Correspondence concerning this work is included.
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The MSC Record (Serial 00048)

  • The MSC Record was the alumni magazine for MSC.  It published news on current students and alumni who had joined military service throughout World War II.
  • Digitized copies of the MSC Record are available online:
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The MSC Wolverine (Serial 00049)

  • The Wolverine yearbooks during the years of World War II provide a unique perspective on how the demands of war affected campus life.  Included in the yearbooks are lists of MSC students and alumni who died during the war. 
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REO Motor Car Company Records (00036)

  • 8 cubic feet
  • REO Motors records contain correspondence with the U.S. War Department and branches of the military regarding orders for parts, contracts with the government, and production levels during the war. 
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U.S. Military History Collection (c.00470)

Photographs - Military Science, 1940-1959. (MSU Photo Collection)

Photographs - World War II Activities, 1941-1945. (MSU Photo Collection)

S.S. Empress of Britain souvenir issue, 1931 (c.00430)

  • 1 folder
  • The S.S. Empress of Britain was launched June 11, 1930 and was torpedoed by a German submarine on October 28,1940 off the coast of Ireland.
  • Souvenir issue of "The Shipbuilder and Marine Engine-Builder" (May,1931) describing the Canadian Pacific quadruple-screw ocean liner "Empress of Britain."  The magazine describes the liner and includes detailed pictures and diagrams.      
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Stars and Stripes Publications (00197)

  • 0.8 cubic feet
  • The collection consists of Stars and Stripes newspapers published during World War I and World War II.  The issues 1918-1919, 1944-1946 are arranged in chronological order.  When two dates are listed together, it indicates two issues were attached together.  The designation of European and Mediterranean after the dates in box two, indicates which theater of war the issue came from.  The newspapers contain information on the wars, life as a soldier, as well as some non-war news. 
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