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Gender in Modern Europe: Find Journal Articles

Originally created to use with a HST 201 course on this subject. Spring semester, 2023. Last updated 05-15-2023

Find Journal Articles

To find journal articles look up your topic in one or more of these databases to obtain citations.  Start with first ones listed here. 

Steps are: Search, using the Index in the database, if available.  Review your results.  Modify search as needed.  Notice whether there is a link to the full text of the article(s) you want to read provided in the entries.  If yes and the link works, viola you are all set.  If there no link to full text in the entry, note the name of the journal and date/issue needed.  If the hook to MSU holdings in the entry does not work, look up the journal name in the E Books and Journals link of our online catalog; we may offer the date/issue you need online this way.  If we do not, look up the journal name in the Books and Media link to see if we have a paper copy of the date/issue needed.  These will be in Main stacks or Remote Storage.  In the catalog entries there is a place to click to have  volumes brought from Remote Storage to the Circulation Desk in the Library lobby to check out.

Here are a number of other indexes to secondary scholarly sources you might wish to use.  Order is alphabetical by title.  Read the descriptions of content.  Consider using these if you don't find enough information in the indexes above or and/or your topic relates to a specific country.

Irish History Online  Gives access to the contents of the Writings on Irish History for 1936 to 2004, in addition to material on the history of Ireland from the Royal Historical Society bibliography and further publications on the Irish Diaspora. Use this in conjunction with Bibliography of British and Irish History, above in this list.