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Michigan State University

Engineering Information Resources

The purpose of this guide is to provide users with an introduction to the engineering information resources available through the MSU Libraries.

Using Web Resources

Since anyone can put whatever information they want on the Internet, not all web sites are created equal.

Some points to consider when evaluating the information provided by a web site:

Who is the audience for the information and what is their goal?

Is the information accurate and complete?

Is the information current?

When was the web site last revised?

Who is the author(s) or sponsor of the web site?

What are the credentials of the author(s) or creator of the web site?

Are there other online or print sources for the information?

Evaluating Web Pages

Techniques to apply and questions to ask from the University of California at Berkeley's Teaching Library Internet Workshops.


All Web Sites Are Not Equally Valuable

Basic Information Sites

            MatWeb - Material Property Data


Point of View Sites

          What is Fracking  (American Petroleum Institute)

          Earthworks -Hydraulic Fracturing 101



For Fun Sites

          Boilerplate: Mechanical Marvel of the Nineteenth Century

           DiHydrogen Monoxide