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Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Information Resources

A guide to nanotechnology resources

Nanotechnology Classification System

Nanotechnology and the Library of Congress

As with many new fields that cross traditional disciplinary lines, nanotechnology does not fit neatly into any one Library of Congress classification number. Some of the key classifications for nanotechnology works include the following:

HD 9999 .N36-.N364 Nanostructured materials industry
QC 176.8 .M5 Solid state physics, micromechanics
QC 176.8 .N35 Solid state physics, nanomechanics, nanostructures
QC611.8.N33 Nanocrystals
R 856 Biomedical engineering (includes general medical applications of nanotechnology)
R 857 .B54 Biosensors (nanotechnology finds wide application here.)
RS201.N35 Nanoparticles in medicine
T 174.7 Nanotechnology (was: Technological change)
TA 418.9 .N35 Nanostructured materials
TA 418.9 .S62 "Smart" materials
TA 1530 Nanophotonics
TK 7874.8 Molecular electronics
TK 7874.84 Nanoelectronics
TK 7874.85 Nanowires
TK 7874.88 Quantum dots
TK 7875 .M52 Microelectromechanical systems
TK 7875 .N373 Nanoelectromechanical systems

As for Library of Congress subject headings, relevant headings listed below are currently in use:

Molecular electronics
(narrower term: Semiconductor nanocrystals)
Nanoelectromechanical systems
Nanostructured materials
(narrower terms: Nanofibers, Nanoparticles, Nanowires)
Nanosructured materials industry
Nanotechnology ("Here are entered works on the building of machines from the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.")
Self-assembly (Chemistry)
(broader term: Self-organizing systems)
Ultrastructure (Biology)
(used for: Nanobiology)
* from "Tips from the Experts:  Nanotechnology" by Charles F. Huber
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