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Collection Development Policy Statement: Environmental Science

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the Subject

The collection emphasis is on current research and trends, but materials that focus on historical topics are also considered.B. Languages of Resources Collected

The collection comprises primarily English language materials.

C. Geography of the Subject

The primary collection emphasis is on North American and regional works, although internationally and globally focused works also receive consideration.

D. Format of Resources Collected

All appropriate formats, including print, electronic, and microforms, are considered. Print and electronic materials are the primary formats of the collection. Due to the high demand for convenient access to information, electronic journals are given priority whenever possible. Textbooks are rarely purchased and only if they provide a valuable current synthesis of a complex or developing area of study; subsequent editions of texts very selectively.

E. Data:

Adding research data is a potential step for this subject collection. For local guidelines see:

For possible depositories consult:

F. Date of Publications Collected

The collection emphasis is on current publications.

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