Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics

Collection Management Issues

Specific policies, if any, on replacement, de-selection, out of print acquisitions, preservation, etc.

Multiple copies may be purchased for high demand titles and/or titles authored by MSU faculty.

Electronic versions (i.e. ebooks) will be purchased in order to reach a the greater non-campus based patron base when possible and if the platform is reliable, functional, and suitable to the content of the work.

Replacement copies may be ordered, as funds permit, for missing or damaged heavily-used titles or parts of multi-volume works.

Out-of-print materials are not normally considered for purchase, unless there is a compelling need for a unique item that has been officially classified as missing or damaged beyond repair.

Preservation decisions follow the general guidelines established by the Main Library.

Fragile, rare or valuable materials may be transferred to Murray and Hong Special Collections for security/conservation reasons.