Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: MSU Collection

Purpose or Scope of Collection

Collection Description

The MSU Collection was established in 2017, assembling works that highlighted the University and its people - the establishment, departmental histories, hosted events, and publications about itself and its notable faculty, staff and students, in a convenient location.

The MSU collection compiles books, newsletters, and documents about MSU, including its history, colleges, departments, and administration. Departmental newsletters, club publications and documents, departmental histories, yearbooks, administrative documents, budget and salary reports, etc. may be included in the collection. It also contains items about the East Lansing area in regards to the growth and development of an adjacent 'college town.'

The collection consists primarily of the call number range LD3245-48.M. Outliers of this range are included when the work addresses the University's history including departmental histories and alumni reports.

Curricular and Research Needs

Since being founded in 1865, internal and external entities have analyzed, studied and examined MSU's historical inputs and outputs, and efforts and performances of the administration, employees and students. Many colleges and departments have composed a documented history of its origins from the eras of the Michigan Agricultural College, Michigan State College, or Michigan State University. For scholars, students, alumni and visitors, it is logical that the MSU Libraries has a consolidated collection of these histories to examine, compare, and learn about our evens and accomplishments.