Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: MSU Collection

Factors Influencing MSU Collection's Collection Policy

Anticipated future trends

All works assigned to the Main Library LD3245-48M call number range shelved in the general Main Library are included. Other materials outside this range but fitting the inclusion requirements may be included. The collection will see the most anticipated growth in the addition of multiple copies of the annual yearbook and the MSU budget and salary volumes.

Relationships with other resources

1. On campus branch or format collections, if any

Duplicate items in the collection may be held in other Main library collections such as Reference, the Faculty Book collection, Maps, etc.

Other locations of duplication outside of the Main collection can include Special Collections, Remote Storage, Gast Business Library, and Morofsky Library at Gull Lake.

Items in this range LD3245-48.M will only be shelved in the designated MSU Collection area in Main unless the are in a different, specially designated collection, and not in Main with the other 'LD3245..." collection.

2. Relationships to Other Resources Treated in Other Policy Statements

Pertaining mostly to items assigned to call numbers outside the LD3245-48M range, duplicates may be shelved in the other Main general or other location as well as the MSU Collection. Such items will be evaluated as deemed by that collection's development policy statement.

Criteria for Inclusion in the Collection


  • New material will be added that is specific to the LD3545-48M call number range.
  • Multiple copies may be included or purchased for high demand titles, i.e. annual yearbooks
  • Replacement copies may be ordered, as funds permit, for missing or damaged heavily-used titles or parts of multi-volume works.
  • Unowned or out-of-print materials that fit into the inclusion specifications may be considered for purchase.
  • Review of this collection will be an ongoing process.

Geographic Coverage

  • Specific to Michigan State University.
  • Some inclusion of items about Greater Lansing area, based on relevance to the history and development of the region.

Subject Matter

  • Historical narratives and reports about Michigan State University since its inception
  • MSU College histories and internal reports
  • MSU Departmental histories and internal reports
  • MSU issued yearbooks, i.e., Red Cedar Log and The Wolverine
  • MSU Budget and Salary reports
  • Thesis/Dissertations about MSU itself
  • Planning reports about MSU and/or East Lansing, Michigan.


  • A print collection will be maintained.
  • A print work may duplicate an electronic work if it meets inclusion parameters.


  • Materials will circulate with the same standard loan periods as other general Main collection materials.

Criteria for Exclusion from Collection

  • General publications from departments or colleges, including bulletins, working papers, newsletters, etc. relating to the business or the specialty without ties to MSU specific programs or faculty are excluded.
  • Proceedings to conferences or symposia held here at MSU.
  • Items located in Special Collections, Fine Arts non-book items, Maps, Turfgrass, Reference, the Faculty Collection, the Gast Business Library and Gull Lake Library will remain there unless determined, on an individual basis, to be better suited in the MSU Collection. Note, duplication of said items is allowed for inclusion in the MSU Collection.
  • Fragile, rare or valuable materials may be transferred to Special Collections for security/conservation reasons.
  • Items held in Protective Reserves by Patron Services.

Policy Establishment

Collection Development Policy for the MSU Collection was written in December, 2017, by Suzanne Teghtmeyer.