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Mediation Policy and Acceptable Use Guidelines

Notice to users of licensed database: Kanopy

The MSU Libraries provide multiple streaming video services. Due to pricing and license terms, some of those services are more appropriate for particular purposes. Concealed costs for purely recreational viewing can be quite high. For more about services see

Our support for the Kanopy service emphasizes use in the curriculum and by classes. We are therefore mediating Kanopy requests. If you are an instructor wanting to use Kanopy content for a course but have come to a page (within Kanopy) that says "This film is not available in your library yet" simply fill out the form and write in the message box for what course and semester this film will be used. In some cases, we can provide access to the same film at a lower price, or may even own access. Details about alternative platforms can be found at

All MSU students are eligible to use the Kanopy service of the East Lansing Public Library, 950 Abbot Road. Students are given full-privilege access and the entire Kanopy catalog is available for viewing. If you are a student, please get a free account from the East Lansing Public Library.

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