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School Gardening in the early 1900s through today: Contemporary works-Books, Documents

Primary source materials and information about gardening within K-12 schools in the early 20th century through today. Now a part of the AgNIC network!

Books and Documents

Documents are listed in alphabetical order by author.

Anderson, Peter Grant. 2010. Ottawa School Gardens in the Early 1900’s. Bytown Pamphlet Series,; No. 76; Variation: Bytown Pamphlet Series. Ottawa, Ont.: Historical Society of Ottawa.

Bremner, E. and J. Pusey. 1999. Children’s Gardens: A field guide for teachers, parents and volunteers. 3rd edition. University of California Cooperative Extension, Common Ground Garden Program, Oakland, C.A. 200 pages. [link is down / hoping to reconnect soon]

Bryce-Clegg, Alistair. 2012. Gardening and Growing : How to Plan Learning Opportunities That Engage and Interest Children. Planning for the Early Years; London: Practical Pre-School Books.

Brynjegard, Shira. School Gardens: Raising Environmental Awareness in Children. Distributed by ERIC Clearinghouse, 2001. 3 pages.

Bucklin-Sporer, Arden. How to grow a school garden: A complete guide for parents and teachers. Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 2010.

A Child’s Garden of Standards: Linking School Gardens to California Education Standards. Grades Two Through Six. California Department of Education: Sacramento, 2002. pdf, 112 pages.

Family Vegetable Garden Series, an MSU Extension Bulletin set of 26 pamphlets geared for gardening with children and families. Topics covered included planning the garden, soil work, the various vegetable groups, and a gardening glossary. All are in pdf format; publicly available.

Fontenot, Kathryn Adhikari Achyut, Edward . Bush, Robert . Williams, and Fatemeh . Malekian. 2014. Food Safety in Louisiana School Gardens. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Louisiana State University AgCenter. pdf 8 pages.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 2010. A New Deal for School Gardens. Rome, Italy: FAO.

Freeman, Bonnie and Jennifer Rees. 2000. A Gardening Angels How-To Manual: Easy Steps to Building A Sustainable School Garden Program. University of California Cooperative Extension, Common Ground Garden Program, Oakland, C.A. 13 pages.

Freeman, Bonnie and Jennifer Rees. 2003. School Garden Start-Up Guide: Easy Steps to Building A Sustainable School Garden Program. University of California Cooperative Extension, Common Ground Garden Program, Oakland, C.A. 9 pages. [pdf link]

Gaylie, Veronica. Roots and research in urban school gardens. New York : Peter Lang, c2011. 195 pages.

Grant, Tim and Gail Littlejohn. 2001. Greening school grounds: Creating habitats for learning. Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers. 136 pages

Guy, Linda A., Cathy Cromell and Lucy K. Bradley. Success With School Gardens: How to Create a Learning Oasis in the Desert. Arizona Master Gardener Press, 1994. 140 pages.

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Jim, Chi-yung. 2010. School Green Roof : City Cooler and Cleaner. 1st ed. Hong Kong: Friends of the Country Parks : Cosmos Book.

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Kane, Deborah and Rose Hayden-Smith. What's for lunch? A review of school food and garden-based education in the United States using Portland Public Schools as a model for change

Kiefer, Joseph, and Martin Kemple. 1998. Digging deeper: integrating youth gardens into schools & communities : a comprehensive guide. Montpelier, Vt: Food Works, Common Roots Press.

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Macfarlane, Fiona. 2010. Strengthening Ecological Citizenship through Environmental Education : School Gardens and Experiential Learning in Auckland Schools.

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———. 2014b. The Essential School Garden. Greenfingers at School ; Book A. Christchurch: User Friendly Resources Ltd.

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Ritz, Stephen, and Suzie Boss. 2017. The power of a plant: a teacher's odyssey to grow healthy minds and schools. Emmaus, Pennsylvania: Rodale.

Robinson, Mary. 2013. Minnesota School Gardens : A Guide to Gardening and Plant Science: Featuring 31 K-12 lessons linked to the Minnesota Academic Standards.. Minnesota Dept of Agriculture.

Schwartz, Becky. 2010. The Heart of Desert Marigold. [Philadelphia, Pa.: Becky Schwartz.

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Yamamoto, Britt Teruo. 2000. But who’s going to water? Complexity and thick explanation on a critical ethnographic study of two school garden projects. Thesis (M.S.)--University of California, Davis. 91 p.

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