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Administrative Law: Federal and Michigan Regulations

Finding current Michigan regulations online

Finding current federal regulations online

Instructions for using the Code of Federal Regulations on

  • Search the Code of Federal Regulations. Identify the relevant CFR title(s) and part(s). Note the date of the CFR issue (given as the revision date in the upper left corner of the document).
  • Browse the latest monthly issue of the List of Sections Affected (LSA) for references to the CFR title(s) and part(s) identified above. The numbers are the pages in the Federal Register which contain changes to the particular CFR title(s) and part(s).
  • To identify changes made since the last monthly issue of the LSA, check the latest month, week and day as well. Note the Federal Register pages where changes are made (if any).
  • Search the Federal Register for the page numbers identified in steps 2 and 3 above. Make sure the correct FR volume and year are selected.