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Business: Data and Statistics: U.S. Government Sources

U.S. Government Business Statistics

A list of general business sources from the U.S. Government. Other government sources also appear in the topical areas of this guide.

Census Bureau (Department of Commerce)
The Census publishes a substantial amount of business and economic data. The Census Economic Programs page provides an overview of these programs. The following list can be used as a general guide and focuses on business data, but is not completely comprehensive.

Popular Surveys

County Business Patterns provide annual detailed geographic, industry, and other information for U.S. business establishments. Also includes Metro Business Patterns and ZIP Codes Business Patterns.
Alternative access: ICPSR, Main Library, SimplyMap.

Economic Census provides a detailed portrait of the United States' economy once every five years, from the national to the local level.

Industry Snapshots

Business Expenses Supplement compiles statistics on business operating expenses.

Business Dynamics Statistics include measures of establishment openings and closings, firm startups, job creation and destruction by firm size, age, and industrial sector, and several other statistics on business dynamics.

Company Statistics Division

Statistics of U.S. Businesses program provides business performance data by enterprise size, geographic area, and industry. These data cover most of the country's economic activity for U.S. paid employer firms and can be used to derive statistics on small businesses. SUSB data cover the period 1988 to the present.

Survey of Business Owners provides the only comprehensive, regularly collected source of information on selected economic and demographic characteristics for businesses and business owners by gender, ethnicity, and race.

Manufacturing and Construction Statistics

Current Industrial Reports produce timely, accurate data on production and shipments of selected products.


Federal Procurement Data System (General Services Administration). A central repository of information on federal contracting. The system contains detailed information on contract actions over $3,000 (FY2004 and later data). The Executive departments and agencies award over $200 billion annually for goods and services. The system can identify who bought what, from whom, for how much, when and where.

Internal Revenue Service – Business Tax Statistics includes studies that provide statistics on income, deductions, taxes, credits, and more reported by businesses.

Small Business Administration - Office of Economic Research provides research resources, small business indicators, firm size and banking data, owner demographics, and state economic profiles.

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