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Statistical Resources for Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Central Asia and the Caucasus

Central Asia and the Caucasus


National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia
In Armenian, Russian and English.

Huge amount of information in English, but some publications are in Armenian only. Has statistical yearbook back to 2001, plus a link to the 2001 Census.


State Statistical Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic
In Azeri or English.

Enormous number of statistical tables for social and economic data including population, refugees, crime, health, tourism, publications, libraries, prices and price indices, employment, wages and manufacturing. Dates covered are mostly 1990-2000. Azeri page appears to have the same data, but requires Azeri fonts, provided in a .zip file on the entry page.


State Department for Statistics for Georgia
In Georgian or English.

Contains a broad array of social and economic statistics going back to 1999 in English.


Agency for Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan
In English, Kazak or Russian.

As of August 2008, neither the English or Kazakh pages worked off the default page (in Russian). Russian page has much information, plus links to the pages for the Agricultural Census and information on the 2009 Population census.

Kyrgyz Republic

National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic.
In Russian, Kyrgyz or English.  Most of the English language site did not work as of Sept. 2011.  Some data is available, mostly the latest available figures in Russian or Kyrgyz.



In Russian or English.  Has some basic data, much of which is several years old. 


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