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Michigan State University

High School Student Guide to the MSU Libraries: For Instructors

Scheduling a Visit

We welcome the opportunity to work with your group. Before contacting us to schedule a visit, please consider the following factors.

Space and Time Frame

  • Please provide at least 3 weeks notice before scheduling a group visit to the Main Library. Requests may be placed using our request form.

  • We have a limited amount of space available to accommodate groups. We have a few small rooms; we do not have a large gathering area or an auditorium-type space. 

  • Our spaces are scheduled with priority given to MSU affiliated groups. We request that outside groups consider visiting during MSU breaks or non-peak times, such as Winter or Spring breaks or the summer semesters.

  • There are no public reservations available for our rooms. Space can only be reserved by library staff, and there must be a librarian present during the event.

Access, Computers, and Books

  • We have a small number of Selected Resources computers which have access to library resources only. General internet access is not available to groups of non-MSU patrons.

  • The majority of computers in library are not accessible without a current MSU NetID and password.

  • If you would like non-MSU community members (18+ years old only) to be able to check out books, our Circulation department will need this information well in advance. Please see the Community Borrowers policy for details.  


  • It is our goal to highlight the most relevant services and resources of the MSU Libraries for your group’s needs during your visit. We would like to know what your group is working on - a relevant assignment or project – that involves the MSU Libraries. If you would like to consult with us on developing a related assignment or project for your group, please indicate so on your request and we would be happy to assist.

Contact Information

To place a request for a library visit, please fill out the following form:

You may also send an e-mail to the Information Literacy Unit at

Michigan State University