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Classical Studies: Find Books

LC Call Number Browsing Areas

Here are some Library of Congress call number browsing areas for Classical Studies.  Check the Reference (1st Floor East) or the appropriate sections of the stacks for some of our many print resources....

B108-708 Philosophy - Ancient
BL700-820 Religions - Classical (Greek, Roman)
CC Archaeology
CJ301-763 Numismatics - Greek Coins
CJ801-1139 Numismatics - Roman Coins
CN120-760 Inscriptions, Epigraphy

DE1-100      History of the Greco-Roman world
DE46-73.2   Antiquities.  Civilization.  Culture.  Ethnography
DE80-100    History

DF10-289    Ancient Greece
DF75-136    Antiquities.  Civilization.  Culture.  Ethnography
DF207-241    History

DG11-365    Ancient Italy.  Rome to 476
DG75-190    Antiquities.  Civilization.  Culture.  Ethnography
DG201-365    History

N5300-7418 History of Art - Classical Art
NA270-712 Classical Architecture
NX503 Classical Tradition in Arts

PA1-199    Classical philology
PA201-899    Greek philology and language
PA2001-2915    Latin philology and language
PA3000-3049    Classical literature
PA3050-4505    Greek literature
PA3051-3285        Literary history
PA3300-3516        Collections
PA3520-3564        Criticism, interpretation, etc.
PA3601-3681        Translations


PA3818-4505 Individual authors Including:
PA3825-3849 Aeschylus
PA3851-3858 Aesop
PA3890-3926 Aristotle
PA3949-3964 Demosthenes
PA3973-3992 Euripedes
PA4018-4209 Homer
PA4279-4333 Plato
PA4367-4389 Plutarch
PA4413-4434 Sophocles
PA4452-4486 Thucydides
PA4494-4499 Xenophon
PA5000-5660 Byzantine and modern Greek literature
PA5301-5637 Individual authors 


PA6000-6971    Roman literature
PA6001-6097        Literary history
PA6100-6140        Collections
PA6141-6144        Criticism, interpretation, etc.
PA6155-6191        Translations
PA6202-6971        Individual authors

PA6202-6971 Individual authors Including:
PA6235-6269 Caesar, Julius
PA6278-6370 Cicero, Marcus Tullius
PA6393-6444 Horace
PA6482-6496 Lucretius Carus, Titus
PA6501-6510 Martial
PA6519-6553 Ovid
PA6568-6609 Plautus, Titus Maccius
PA6611-6637 Pliny, the Elder
PA6661-6693 Seneca, Lucius Annaeus
PA6705-6753 Tacitus, Cornelius
PA6755-6785 Terentius Apher, Publius (Terence)
PA6801-6961 Vergilius Maro, Publius (Virgil)

Selected Subject Headings

Some suggested subject headings for Classical Studies:

Architecture, Classical
Architecture Greece
Architecture Rome
Art, Classical
Art, Greek
Art, Roman
Classical antiquities
Classical drama
Classical literature
Classical philology
Classical poetry
Classicism in Rome
Coins, Roman
Greek drama
Greek language
Greek literature
Greek philosophy
Greek poetry
Latin drama
Latin language
Latin literature
Latin philosophy
Mythology, Roman
Satire, Greek

names of individual rulers, e.g.
Alexander the Great
Caesar, Julius
Marcus Aurelius

Tip:  Copy the appropriate LC subject heading above and paste in MSU Libraries Catalog LC Subject Search Box.

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