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Collection Development Policy Statement: Chemistry

Levels of Collecting Intensity

(Use conspectus divisions and/or compilations thereof followed by the RLG collection intensity level. Scope Notes, should be uniformly brief.)


Call # Ranges Subject Level Note
QD 1-69 Chemistry (General) 3A
QD 11-23 History, Biography 2 Only those materials requested are purchased; no exhaustive searching for additional materials.
QD 23.3-27 Alchemy 1
QD 27-39 General works; Popular works; Chemistry as a profession 1
QD 40-49 Study and teaching 2
QD 51-65 Laboratories; Techniques and operations; Safety; Tables, formulas; Catalogs, pricelists 1
QD 71-145 Analytical Chemistry 3B
QD 81-87 Qualitative Analysis (Organic and Inorganic) 3A
QD 95-98 Spectrum Analysis (Applications of spectroscopy in general analytical chemistry and theoretical works) 3B
QD 96 .N8 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (including Fourier transform NMR spectroscopy) 3B Also covered as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)RC 78-899 in Human Medicine Coll. Dev. Policy Statement (CDP).
QD 101-121 Quantitative Analysis 3B
QD 115 Electrochemical Analysis 3B
QD 117 .C5 Chromatography 3B
QD 117 .T4 Thermal Analysis 2
QD 121 Gas Analysis 2
QD 130 Technical Analysis 2
QD 131-135 Metals; Alloys (Nonferrous alloys) 2
QD 139 Other, including polymers; semiconductors; trace elements 2 Ceramics, clay -TP 810-811 covered in Engineering CDP; Food B TX 545 in
QD 142 Water analysis 2
QD 146-196 Inorganic Chemistry (General) 2
QD 161-169 Inorganic Chemistry 3B
QD 167-169 Inorganic acids; Water 3B
QD 171-181 Metals 3B Includes alkaline and alkali earth and metals, including gases, chemistry of the air, and halogens.
QD 189-193 Salts 2 Historically, little research is done in this area. Nothing purchased except for requests.
QD 196 Inorganic Polymers and polymerization 1
QD 241-449 Organic Chemistry (General) 3A
QD 262 Organic Synthesis 4
QD 271-291 Organic Analysis 3B
QD 301-315 Aliphatic Compounds 3A
QD 320-327 Carbohydrates 3A
QD 330-341 Aromatic Compounds 3A
QD 375-377 Antibiotics 2
QD 380-388 Polymers, Macromolecules 2
QD 399-405 Heterocyclic Compounds 3B
QD 410-412 Organometallic Compounds 3B
QD 415-441 Biochemistry and Bioorganic Chemistry 3A
QD 416-431 Natural Products, including, Terpenes, Gums, Resins, Alkaloids, Proteins, Peptides 3A
QD 450-731 Physical and Theoretical Chemistry 3B
QD 501-505 Conditions and laws of chemical reactions 3B
QD 504 Conditions and laws of chemical reactions: thermodynamics 3B
QD 505 Conditions and laws of chemical reactions: catalysis 3B
QD 506-508 Surface Chemistry 3B
QD510-536 Thermo chemistry 3B
QD551-571 Electrochemistry 3B
QD601-655 Nuclear chemistry 3A
QD 701-731 Photochemistry 2B
QD901-999 Crystallography 3A


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