Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Chemistry

Purpose or Scope of Collection

A. Curricular/Research/Programmatic Needs

The chemistry collection of Michigan State University Main Library supports the university's present and anticipated teaching and research needs of the Department of Chemistry. The collection is maintained at a graduate/ research collection level in the majority of its areas. Current major areas for B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. level education include: analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, green chemistry, chemistry education, material chemistry, nuclear chemistry, and theoretical chemistry. The collection also supports interdisciplinary chemistry research. This includes subjects such as: biochemistry, engineering, geology, soil science, physics, mathematics, chemical aspects of agriculture, medicine, and the environment, supporting campus research centers such as the Composite Materials and Structures Center, FRIB, and the medical colleges. Additionally, the Chemistry Department provides basic chemical education for students who major in other science disciplines. Necessary tools used for teaching undergraduate chemistry are maintained.

The Department of Chemistry provides robust and interdisciplinary research programs. Research areas, topics, and methodologies in the Department of Chemistry vary widely, and research data is both quantitative and qualitative in nature. The Department of Chemistry also works with MSU Research Centers and Facilities, including the Center for Advanced Microscopy, the Center for Nanomaterials Design and Assembly, and the College of Natural Science Research Centers.

B. History of the Collection/Existing Strengths and Emphases

The chemistry collection is now located in the Main Library and remote storage.  It was moved from the former Biomedical and Physical Sciences Library (BPS), Room 1440 Biomedical Physical Sciences Building in December 2010, which was established in 2002.  The collection began as a departmental library (called the Kedzie Chemistry Library) in the Kedzie Chemistry Building, prior to its move to the current Chemistry Building. At that time, purchases were made by the chemistry faculty. In 1963 the Chemistry Department and the Chemistry Library moved to the current building, where the library was housed on the fourth floor of the building. It was staffed by a variety of librarians and clerical staff until1969 when funds from a Centers for Excellence Grant made it possible to hire a permanent librarian. At that time the MSU Libraries assumed administrative control of the Chemistry Department's library services. The collection was then, and continues to be, a working collection for the chemist that is responsive to the research requirements of the Chemistry Department. Some materials are selectively removed in order to free space for current research needs, while at the same time those materials with historical significance are retained. Due to limited space, a successful transition to electronic format may help greatly.

Updated June 20, 2018