Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Physics and Astronomy

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the subject; emphases/restrictions

Emphasis is on current developments as well as the history and philosophy of modern physics.

B. Languages of resources collected; exclusions/emphases/translations

The primary language of acquired materials is English. Translations into English are preferred and obtained when possible.

C. Geography of the subject; emphases/restrictions

Not applicable.

D. Format of the resources collected: restrictions if any

Materials collected include monographs, serials, conference proceedings, encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, government publications, technical reports, electronic resources (databases, e-journals, Web resources). No microform or video format materials are collected. No software is collected unless it is supplemental to a printed work. Some advanced-level textbooks are collected. Palomar Sky Survey plates are housed in the Astronomy department offices.

E. Date of publication of resources collected:  emphases if any.

Emphasis is on materials published within the last five years, Virtually no retrospective collection is carried out. The only exception may be the acquisition of a classic work that we should have.

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