Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Physics and Astronomy

Factors Influencing Collection Policy

A. Current and future trends

Increased access to a growing wealth of electronic materials, including e-books and e-journals, is a significant trend.  Electronic access to e-journals has permitted the cancellation of most print journals, including duplicate subscriptions located at the Cyclotron Library. 

B. Relationships with other resources

1. On campus branch or format collection if any.

The Cyclotron Library, not an official MSU branch library, houses a small collection of monographs (approximately 700 volumes) and conference proceedings (approximately 750 volumes), none of which are included in the MSU Libraries catalog or circulate to the public.  Many of these are boxed and in storage.  

2. Regional and network resources, if any

Michigan State University partners with the CIC Libraries and other universities nationwide for materials not held at MSU. 

C. Relationships to resources treated in other policy statements

Chemistry: Chemical Physics
Math: Statistical Physics
Engineering:  Nanotechnology

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