Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: African American Studies

Cooperative Collection Guidelines

Cooperative collection efforts will be discussed with the bibliographer responsible for the following areas in the humanities and social sciences, with the aim being to achieve research level collections in these areas:

Area Bibliographer
History of African Americans in the United States JJH/MEU
Literature and poetic works by African American authors; literary criticism of African American literature, and related works MR/JJH
Religion and religious practices of African Americans AHW/JJH
Social sciences and sociological works on African American topics, cultures, and issues JJH/HM
Women's studies materials and issues relevant to African American women SL
Fine Arts/Music TW/MBD
Archival/special collection PB
Leisure reading materials relevant to or presenting African American perspectives for the Browsing Collection TW
Education EJM
Labor LL
Political science and policy issues relevant to African Americans in the U.S. JJH
Africana JL/PL