Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Education

Levels of Collecting Intensity

L: Education (General) 3
LA: History of Education 2
LB 5-1050.7: Theory and Practice of Education (General) 3
LB 1050.9-1091: Educational Psychology 4
LB 1101-1139: Child Study 4
LB 1140-1695: Pre-school - 12 4
LB 1705-2286: Education and Training of Teachers 4
LB 2300-2430: Higher Education 4
LB 2799-3095: Consulting, Administration, Organization 4
LB 3201-3640: School Buildings, Equipment, Health, Special Days, Student Life  3
LC: Special Aspects of Education 4
LD: Education: Institutions; United States 2

LE: Education: Institutions; America (Except U.S.)

LF: Education: Institutions; Europe 2
LG: Education: Institutions; Asia, Africa, Oceania 2 (see also area studies collections for more in-depth coverage of some areas)
LH: College and School Magazines and Papers 1
LJ: Student Fraternities and Societies 3
LT: Textbooks as needed
L-LZ other 2


  • 0 = out of scope; i.e. the library does not collect this
  • 1 = minimal level; i.e. a few things will be selected beyond the basics
  • 2 = basic information level; i.e. up-to-date general materials that serve to introduce and define
  • 3 = instructional support level; i.e. a collection that is adequate to support undergraduate and most graduate instruction
  • 4 = research level; i.e. a collection that includes the source materials required for dissertations and independent research
  • 5 = comprehensive level; i.e. a collection which includes all significant works of recorded knowledge in all applicable languages

Full explanation of collecting levels from the Library of Congress