Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Urban Planning

Date Drafted: May 1995 Dates Revised: March 2007 SN

Purpose or Scope of Collection

A. Curricular/Research/Programmatic Needs

The purpose of this collection is to support the identified curricular and research needs of the Urban and Regional Planning Program (UP) of the School of Planning Design and Construction at Michigan State University. The UP collection supports the curriculum at the Bachelors and Masters levels. The program has speciality degree in international planning and works to offer a dual degree with the Law College.

The BS degree follows the generalist and interdisciplinary approach while encouraging students to learn specific skills such as GIS. There is a focus on the state of Michigan but many opportunities to study and work in other parts of the country and the world abound via internsips and study abroad activities. The two year Masters degree also follows the interdisciplinary approach yet requires students to complete course work in one of three concentration areas: Economic Development, Environment and Land Planning, or Urban Policy. The Dual MURP/JD degree gives full-time students interested in law and urban and regional planning the opportunity to complete both degrees in a four year period of study. The two semester plus one summer Master of International Planning Studies (MIPS) degree is an advanced degree for students with strong experience in global planning and/or with strong interests in global planning.

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