Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Women, Gender, and LGBTQ+ Studies

Levels of Collecting Intensity

HQ 1101-HQ1190 Feminism/Feminist Theory 4
HQ1121-HQ1187.5 Women – History & Social Conditions 4
HQ1185-HQ1186 Women’s Studies (including biographical methods) 4
HQ1206-HQ1216 Women – Psychology 4
HQ 1236-HQ 1236.5  Women’s Rights 4
HQ 1390-HQ 1391 Women in Public Life 4
HQ 1871-HQ 2030.7  Women – Societies and Clubs 4

HQ 71-77-LGBTQ+ Studies                                                                           4

The Research Libraries Group Conspectus is used to describe the collecting levels for the areas listed above.

Selection of women, gender, and LGBTQ+ materials extends beyond the call number ranges listed above. The interdisciplinary nature of inquiry in women, gender, and LGBTQ+ studies involves selecting materials broadly throughout the collections. The Gender Studies Librarian evaluates and purchases resources in women, gender, and LGBTQ+ studies across the Main Library collections in collaboration and consultation with other subject librarians when appropriate.