Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: British History/Studies

Collection Management Issues

Duplicate copies not checked out in ten years may be withdrawn. Materials needing binding, rebinding, repair, conservation, or relabeling may be identified during weeding projects, by the bibliographer, or when returned from circulation, by the circulation staff.  Defaced books in current use are replaced whenever possible.

Policies in effect for preservation and management of the Main Library stacks apply to the British history/studies materials.

I believe we are committed to retaining certain sets in Remote Storage in the MI-SPI program, but I do not know which sets.  We should also keep up with, and participate in SPARC and LOCKSS, as our British history/studies collection is noted.

With the purchase of MEMSO in 2023, we will be able to move DA 25, Calendars of State Papers, to Remote Storage;  this should be considered for retention in MI-SPI.  I believe the Rolls Series, which precedes the Calendars, chronologically, is being retained in Remote in MI-SPI already.

I believe Steve Sowards thought we would retain, but take to Remote Storage, the UK Parliamentary Papers and Journals that are on microcards on 2 West, because these are original microformat material, now a curiosity.  Patrons now use this material online.

I recommend keeping the British history/studies Microcopy Guides on 2 West in the Main Library.  This is reference material needed to use with micro sets.

If we assist faculty or graduate students in obtaining “bulk” loads of content sub-sets from our electronic resources, the Libraries would like to be considered for retention of the digital products; if we are chosen, then electronic storage space for same will need to be provided, as will appropriate staff/staff time for maintenance.