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Collection Development Policy Statement: English and American Literature

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the Subject: Emphases/Restrictions

Much of this covered in II. C.1, C.2, and C.3. The library should especially collect materials that support the curriculum and research interests of the MSU community. Contemporary criticism should be emphasized unless more antiquated texts are thought to be of greater historical value or stand as singularly important piecees of scholarship. Critical works concerning Children’s and Juvenile Literature is considered of importance to research in Education and will be collected by the subject bibliographer in that area. Note: The Libraries do not attempt to collect elementary and secondary texts or children's literature. Children¹s literature is available to MSU education students through an agreement with the East Lansing Public Library and through the statewide book exchange service of MelCat.

B. Languages of Resources Collected:

Exclusions/Emphases/Restrictions Covered in II. C.1.

C. Geography of the Subject: Emphasis/Restrictions

Covered in II. C.2.

D. Format for Resources Collected: Restrictions, if Any

All formats having to do with this subject area are collected, with the exception of “books on tape.” Film and video productions of literary texts are subject to the discretion of the bibliographer, who may consult with the Bibliographer for Performing Arts. Video materials are housed in the Digital and Multimedia Center.

E. Date of Publications Collected: Emphasis, if Any

Dates for this collection include anything published after the English Renaissance, though emphasis is on what is current—including editions, if research and teaching warrant inclusion.

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