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Collection Development Policy Statement: Jewish Studies

Factors Influencing Collection Policy

The MSU Libraries' Jewish Studies collection strives to be suitable for an undergraduate curriculum while meeting the research needs of the faculty in Jewish Studies.

The Jewish Studies Program has seven core faculty, with specialities in the areas of Israel Studies (political science/public affairs), Hebrew language and Israeli culture, American Jewish history and culture, the history of antisemitism and the Holocaust, Judaism/Jewish Thought, and Education.  Affiliated faculty teach Jewish Studies courses across five colleges and ten departments at MSU. 

The Jewish Studies Program sponsors an Israeli film festival, and annual Israel lecture and study abroad programs in Israel, including a study abroad program which focuses on environmental sustainability; an annual Holocaust memorial program; an annual Jewish arts/music lecture, and other cultural activities. The MSU Libraries aims to be a partner with the Jewish Studies Program in hosting cultural and educational events.  The Libraries and Jewish Studies collaborate each fall on the Kessler Film Event, which takes place at the Main Library.

The focus of the Jewish Studies Program at MSU is on the two centers of modern Jewish experience: the United States and Israel. The Holocaust is of major interest to the Jewish Studies faculty, as well as to other faculty and is the subject of courses taught at MSU outside the Jewish Studies Program.  The Jewish Studies Program is also interested in the variety of Jewish cultures in the modern period, with more than one Jewish Studies faculty member focusing on literature or culture of Jews in the Muslim world.

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