Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Russel B. Nye Popular Culture Collection

Factors Influencing Collection Policy

A. Anticipated Future Trends.

No major change of emphasis is planned for the future.


B. Relationships With Other Resources.

1. In many cases much additional material exists in the general collection, particularly for genres such as science fiction, popular information, and detective novels, as well as critical information regarding the entire field of popular culture. No effort will be made to transfer these holdings to Special Collections, except in individual cases where the scarcity or the condition of a piece has made this advisable.

2. There are a number of fine special libraries in Michigan and the region which support research in popular culture. In 1990, the Consortium of Popular Culture Collections in the Midwest was established, a co-operative between the libraries at MSU, Ohio State, Bowling Green, and Kent State dedicated to the development, access, promotion, and preservation of special research collections in American culture.


C. Relationships to Resources Treated in Other Policy Statements.

Performing Arts
Literature, American/English
Women's Studies
Sports and Leisure
Gender and Sexuality 
Ethnic Studies