Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Collection Management Issues

  • A. Replacement

    Lost or stolen materials replaced based on use or reference value. Other than lost or stolen materials, replacement of heavily used literature and history only.

  • B. Weeding

    Done when space limitations require. Only duplicate copies of monographs are weeded, and consideration is made based on circulation. Duplicate copies less than ten years old are not weeded.

  • C. Out of Print acquisition

    To fill in runs of serials, monographic sets, and replace lost materials. Important, core works may be acquired as they become available.

  • D. Preservation

    Items will be sent as needed for rebinding, repair. Special attention will be paid to preserving existing bindings in 19th c. books. Brittle books will be recommended for preservations digitization/microfilming.

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