Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Levels of Collecting Intensity

(Using WLN/OCLC Conspectus)


0) Out-of-Scope, not collected
1) Minimal information level
1a) Minimal information level, uneven coverage
1b) Minimal information level, focused coverage
2) Basic information level
2a) Basic information level, introductory
2b) Basic information level, advanced
3) Study or instructional support level
3a) Basic study or instructional support level
3b) Intermediate study or instructional support level
3c) Advanced study or instructional support level
4) Research level
5) Comprehensive level

Appendix A

Call Number Range Subject Level
F 1201-3799 Latin America (incl. Mexico & Caribbean) 4
JL 599-3899 Political Science: Latin America 3c
KG-KH Law: Latin America 2b
PQ 6001-9999 Spanish & Portuguese Literature (Europe & Americas) 3b