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Amino Acids Pathfinder

A user's introductory guide to everything someone may want to know about amino acids. Amino acids are an essential building block of life. This guide is for the student beginning their studies in biochemistry, who has little or no previous knowledge of a

Searching the MSU Catalog

As you advance in your studies, these subject areas will help you find related materials for your research. Terms can be combined to narrow searches. Also, as you bring up an item in the MSU Catalog, scroll down to the subject headings to find other possible subjects to look under. Names of specific amino acids can also be used in this search method. Don't forget to use synonyms, names of noted experts, organizations, etc. in your searches. If you do not find any hits, try broadening your topic or change to a keyword search.

Library of Congress (LC) Subject searching suggestions in the MSU catalog:

  • ALANINE, or other amino acid name

Books and E-books

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