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Medieval English Peasant: Bibliographies

This is a guide to researching the medieval English peasant. Medieval West -- Reference Sources and Medieval West -- Additional Web Resources are more extensive research guides. Latest update 06-12-2023


Bibliographies provide references to specific books and articles, which one can then look up in the online catalog.  Items included are chosen by experts in the field.  Be aware of the date of publication; no works published after the date of publication will be included and some of ours in this list are older.   For journal articles you find here,  look up the title of the journal containing the article in E Books and Journals, or, if you do not find it there, in Books and Media.  Look for the title of the journal as a whole, not the article title.

Oxford Bibliographies Online

Choose Medieval Studies from the browse by subject display on the main entry page.  In the entry for Peasants there is a short discussion followed by a long bibliography.  OR, at this point, click on Advanced Search near top right, fill out the search form, and check the Show Results box for Medieval Studies at the bottom of the form.

Reader's Guide to British History

Ref. DA 34 .R43 2003 v. 1-2
"[This] is not an encyclopedia, but a bibliographical reference work. The main objective is to guide the reader to the most informative secondary scholarship. There is historical information in every entry, but the purpose of the essays is historiographical: that is, to draw attention to the main themes, changes, and controversies in interpretation and presentation. Printed source material may be included, particularly for subjects in which the secondary coverage is relatively sparse; but the main emphasis is upon scholarly interpretation." Each entry is preceded by the bibliographical references, which are then discussed. Entries on topics, persons, events, places, signed by scholars.

American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature

Ref. and Main D 20 .A55 1995
v. 1, section 20 is on "Medieval Europe." See the layout of the section on p. 625. Chronological approach with sub-sections on geographic areas. Short annotations. Points to book length material only. Emphasis is on good books in the field to read. No references to materials published after 1995.  Both paper and online versions available.

Medieval Studies, an Introduction

Remote Storage D 116 .M4 1992
Bibliographic essay format, with chapters on a range of medieval topics: Latin paleography, diplomacy, archaeology, art, English literature, law, science and natural philosophy, music, chronology, numismatics, Latin philosophies, computer assisted analysis of statistical documents of medieval life. Each chapter concludes with a bibliography of the works discussed.

Bibliography of English History to 1485

Main Z 2017 .B5
Published in 1975, so very old now, but a classic work.

Texts and Calendars, an Analytical Guide to Serial Publications  Main, Z 2016 .M8
Texts and Calendars II, an Analytical Guide to Serial Publications, 1957-1982 Main Z 2016 .M8 1983

"This book [the first volume listed] is an analytical guide to printed texts and calendars relating to English and Welsh history issued in general collections or in series by a public body or private society before the end of March, 1957." The second book continues the first. Each chapter is numbered; within the chapter each entry is numbered. These are the numbers the index in the back refers to. Index entries are for individual names, places, and topics. The goal is to provide access to the contents of the volumes of many of the English historical, record, archival, etc. societies' and organizations' publications.  Bibliography of British and Irish History should be used to find more recently published works put out by the various English local history, archival, archaeological, and record societies.