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Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Technology: Purpose or Scope of Collection

Page Coordinator: Anita Ezzo Last updated: 03-09-2010

Purpose or Scope of Collection

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A. Curricular/Research/Programmatic Needs

The technology collection of the Michigan State University Main Library serves the instructional and research needs of faculty and students in the applied sciences as well as those in other disciplines concerned with technology and its impacts.  The Main Library Collection emphasizes general technology, biotechnology, clothing construction and fabric/textile science, environmental studies, food science and human nutrition, packaging, and telecommunication.  Most of these areas are treated in separate policies (See Environmental Studies, Food Science & Human Nutrition, Packaging, and Communications, respectively) and are excluded here, as are Technology materials collected by the School of Planning, Design & Construction (construction management).

B. History of the Collection/Existing Strengths and Emphases

The Technology collection dates back to the early years of the University; however, a significant portion of the collection was removed in September of 1963 when the Engineering Library was created.  What remained behind appeared to be a rather haphazard assortment of materials. More purposeful collecting since 1993 has built strengths in the areas of food science, biotechnology, environmental issues, textile science, packaging, and telecommunication.  In late 2015, the Engineering Library was closed and selected materials were returned to the Main Library and Remote Storage facilities.  

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