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Collection Development Policy Statement: Technology: Factors Influencing Collection Policy

Page Coordinator: Anita Ezzo Last updated: 03-09-2010

Factors Influencing Collection Policy

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A. Anticipated Future Trends

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) research will create demand for appropriate supporting materials. The growing number of virtual courses, as well as an overall desire for remote access, will continue to fuel the demand for networked resources and the move from paper to electronic journals.  Archiving issues, costs, and implications for interlibrary loaning will be major concerns as the Library moves increasingly into the electronic realm

B. Relationships With Other Resources

1. On Campus Branch or Format Collections, if any.


2. Regional or Network Resources, if any.

As part of the Michigan Research Libraries Triangle, MSU Libraries maintain reciprocal borrowing agreements with the University of Michigan and Wayne State Libraries. Materials are also obtained via interlibrary loan from other CIC institutions.  The Michigan eLibrary (MeL) is an important supplier for popular and consumer-oriented technology titles.


C. Relationships to Resources Treated in Other Policy Statements

 Chemistry:                                           chemical technology

 Communications:                                  telecommunication           

 Computer science:                                computer languages, computer networks

 Environmental Studies:                          environmental pollution & protection

 Fine Arts:                                             clothing & textile design, photography

 Food Science & Human Nutrition:           food processing & manufacture

 Geology:                                              groundwater, mining, oil & gas exploration

 Packaging:                                           packaging development/design/materials/engineering

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