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British Policy in the Middle East, 1914-1948: Atlases

This is a guide to researching British policy in the Middle East from 1914-1948. Last updated 05-26-2023


Atlases and maps are in the Map Library, third floor west wing of the Main Library.  Kathleen Weessies is the map librarian, available to help you.

Historical Atlas of the Islamic World  Map Circulating Short Atlas G 1786 .S1 N5 2003 and 2003b

Routledge Atlas of the Arab-Israeli Conflict  Map Circulating Short Atlas G 2236 .S1 G52 various eds.

Atlas of Palestine (the West Bank and Gaza) Map Circulating Short Atlas G 2242 .W4 A8 2000

Atlas of Palestine, 1948 Map Supersize Atlas G 2236 .S6 A4 2004

Routledge Atlas of British History Map Circulating Short Atlas G 1811 .S1 G5 2011

Atlas of British Overseas Expansion Map Circulating Short Atlas G 1805 .A8 1991

Atlas of the British Empire   Map Circulating Short Atlas DA 16 .A8 1989

Times Atlas of World History Map Supersize Atlas Podium G 1030 .T58 1989

Times Atlas of World Exploration Map Supersize Atlas G 1036 .T5 1991

Cambridge Atlas of the Middle East and North Africa Map Circulating Short Atlas DS 44 .C36 1987

Atlas of Israel Map Supersize Atlas G 2235 .I813 1985

Tubinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients Map Flat Atlas G 1785 .T83 1977 and Register (Index) Map Supersize G 1785 .T834 1994 bd. 1-3

Atlas of the Islamic World since 1500 Oversize, 3 West DS 35.6 .R6 1982