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World's Fairs: Subject Terms

History of World's Fairs and World Expos from 1851 to 2015

Searching the Library Catalog

In the library catalog, there is no single subject term that will find everything on World's Fairs. The subject term Exhibitions applies to all World's Fair materials, but also applies to other kinds of exhibitions.

Good results can be obtained by a keyword search using World's Fairs or Expos, but this will not help you find material on a specific World's Fair or Expo.

For best results, do a subject search using the authorized name of a specific fair from the list below.

Subject terms for World’s Fairs (in chronological order)

Great Exhibition (1851 : London, England)

Vienna International Exhibition (1873)

Centennial Exhibition (1876 : Philadelphia, Pa.)

Exposition universelle de 1889 (Paris, France)

World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.)

Exposition universelle internationale de 1900 (Paris, France)

Pan-American Exposition (1901 : Buffalo, N.Y.)

Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904 : Saint Louis, Mo.)

Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909 : Seattle, Wash.)

Exposition universelle et internationale (1910 : Brussels, Belgium)

Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915 : San Francisco, Calif.)

Panama-California Exposition (1915 : San Diego, Calif.)

Century of Progress International Exposition (1933-1934 : Chicago, Ill.)

Exposition internationale (1937 : Paris, France)

New York World's Fair (1939-1940 : New York, N.Y.)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1958 : Brussels, Belgium)

Century 21 Exposition (1962 : Seattle, Wash.)

New York World's Fair (1964-1965 : New York, N.Y.)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1967 : Montréal, Québec)

HemisFair (1968 : San Antonio, Tex.)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1970 : Osaka, Japan)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1974 : Spokane, Wash.)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1975 : Okinawa-ken, Japan)

World's Fair of 1982 (Knoxville, Tenn.)

Louisiana World Exposition (1984 : New Orleans, La.)

Tsukuba Expo '85

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1986 : Vancouver, B.C.)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1988 : Brisbane, Qld.)

Exposición Universal de 1992 (Seville, Spain)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1993 : Taejŏn-si, Korea)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1998 : Lisbon, Portugal)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (2000 : Hannover, Germany)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (2005 : Aichi-ken, Japan)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (2008 : Zaragoza, Spain)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (2010 : Shanghai, China)

Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (2015 : Milan, Italy)

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