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Etgar Keret Travelling Exhibit: Item List

A guide to the contents of the travelling exhibit Interpreting the Interior: Israeli Writer and Filmmaker Etgar Keret

Item List


  1. Exhibit title banner.  Mounted color label (10.5"x24")
  2. Jellyfish DVD.  Color photocopy of DVD insert.
  3. Filmmakers’ Statement.  Mounted label (13"x9")
  4. Jellyfish film poster (English, 40"x26")
  5. Color facsimile of film poster (Hebrew, 39"x27")
  6. Now Showing.  Mounted label (English, 3.5"x22.5")
  7. Now Showing.  Mounted label (Hebrew, 3.5"x22.5")
  8. Nautical chart (50”x34”)
  9. Comic: Bipolar #3
  10. Comic: How to make a good script great.
  11. Graphic novel: Jetlag
  12. Graphic novel: Keret en su tinta
  13. Graphic novel: Pizzeria Kamikaze
  14. Comic: Simṭaʼot ha-zaʻam
  15. Mounted color copy of book cover: The bus driver who wanted to be God and other stories
  16. Mounted color poster of full text of English translation of "Breaking the Pig", translated by Dalya Bilu. (35"x24")
  17. Mounted color poster of full text of “Breaking the Pig” in Hebrew (35"x24")
  18. Book. Gaʻaguʻai le-Ḳising'er
  19. Book. Four Stories
  20. Mounted color copy of book cover: Israeli culture between the two Intifadas : a brief romance - Yaron Peleg 
  21. Mounted color copy of book cover: Modern Hebrew fiction - Gershon Shaked
  22. Mounted label (untitled): Author quote: Defrosting Hebrew (9"x12")
  23. Mounted label (untitled): Author quote: Fighting to Be Normal, (5"x11")
  24. Mounted label (untitled): Author quote: Interpreting the Gaps (11"x9")
  25. Mounted label (untitled): Author quote: Translation from Hebrew to English (8.5"x11")
  26. Mounted label (untitled): Author quote: Second Generation to Holocaust Survivors (8.5"x11")
  27. Bart Simpson doll
Michigan State University