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Buddhism: Using the Online Catalog

This guide provides basic reference sources, periodical indexes, sacred texts, and suggested popular works about Buddhism.

Using the Online Catalog

It is possible to do a quick and dirty, one box keyword search of the contents of the MSU Libraries' web site, starting at the top left of the Libraries' home page.  The results will be sorted into several categories to follow up on:  articles from journals, books/media from our online catalog, databases, library research guides like this one, other.  To do a more traditional search, read on.

Below are some possible subject headings for use in Subject searches of Books and Media (online catalog.)  For more suggestions of subject headings to try look at the L.C. List of Subject Headings, a set of fat red books in the Reference Collection, 1 East, call number Z 695.

The catalog may also be searched by keyword, title of a particular book, or author of a particular book.  A keyword is any word you can think of that might be found in a book title.  In book title searches omit A, An, and The when they are the first word of the title; do include them if they occur later in the title.    For authors, enter the search this way:  last name, first name.  For example: Chodron, Pema

If you need more books than you are able to find on your own, go to the section of this research guide called "Encyclopedias and Dictionaries."  Look up your topic in one or more reference works here.  Often the entries point the reader to particular books and authors on the topic, which you can then look up in our Online Catalog. 

If M.S.U. Libraries does not own a particular book you want you may be able to borrow it through Interlibrary Services.


Buddhism—[country name]




Buddhism—sacred books

Buddhist art and symbolism

Buddhist ethics

Buddhist gods

Buddhist literature

Buddhist monasticism and religious orders

Buddhist philosophy

Buddhist priests

Buddhist sects

Buddhist temples

Dharma (Buddhism)

Hinayana Buddhism

Mahayana Buddhism

Pali literature

Tantric Buddhism

Theravada Buddhism

Women in Buddhism

Zen Buddhism

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