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Michigan Historical Newspapers: Jackson Semi-weekly Citizen

Publishing History

The Jacksonburg Sentinel began publication in 1837. It became the Jacksonburg Sentinel in 1838. The title changed to Michigan State gazette on Aug. 1, 1840. It became the American citizen on Aug. 15, 1849. The title changed to The true citizen.on Oct. 17, 1861. It became Weekly true citizen on Dec. 12, 1861. The title changed to the Jackson weekly citizen on Apr. 23, 1862. The Jackson Daily Citizen was spun off on Mar. 27, 1865. In early 1895, it became the Jackson Semi-Weekly Citizen.


Microfilm version: The MSU Libraries' holdings run from Aug. 15, 1849 - Oct. 10,1855.

Online versions (available only to MSU community): Aug. 15, 1849 - Oct. 16, 1903


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