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Visiting Scholars: Local Travel Information: Travel to East Lansing

Airport and train station codes

Which airport should you fly to? 

Lansing does have an airport but it's often less expensive to fly into Detroit and take ground transportation. Be sure to compare fares.

LAN - Lansing Capital Region Airport

Lansing Capital Region Airport (LAN) - 9 miles from MSU

If you fly directly to Lansing, it's most convenient to rent a car or have a local contact drive you to and from the airport.

The Lansing airport has limited passenger flights so cabs do not wait there for passengers, Even calling a cab may take some time.

Our local public bus service is called CATA. There is no direct service between the airport and campus, but route #14 runs from the airport to the CATA Transportation Center in downtown Lansing. From there you would transfer to route #1, which runs past the MSU campus along Grand River Avenue. For the shortest walk to the MSU Library, ask to be let off at the MSU Union.

A one-way fare on CATA is $1.25. The fare boxes take coins and bills, but do not give change. You must ask for a transfer card when you board the #14 bus at the airport. Use that when you transfer to the #1 bus.

DTW - Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Detroit Metro (DTW) - 90 miles from MSU

Then take the Michigan Flyer bus service to downtown East Lansing. The round trip fare is $54 if purchased in advance online.

For many travelers, this is the best choice. The Flyer serves both Detroit Metro terminals (North and McNamara.) The stop in East Lansing is the Marriott East Lansing at University Place, 303 M.A.C. Avenue; this is one block from the north edge of campus and a ten-minute walk to the MSU Main Library. The trip between the airport and East Lansing is about two hours.

Amtrak train service

Amtrak stops in East Lansing (station code LNS) at the "Capital Area Multimodal Gateway" (aka East Lansing train station) at 1240 South Harrison, on the west border of campus.

Cabs are usually available at the train station. Cab fare from the train station to the nearby Kellogg Center hotel should be about $3; cab fare to anywhere else on campus should not exceed $10.

CATA bus route #20 runs past the East Lansing train station and then to Grand River Avenue, on the north edge of campus.