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Michigan State University

Visiting Scholars: Local Travel Information: Where to eat

Where to eat

Naturally, food and drink are not allowed in the Reading Room. However, you are welcome to leave food or drink in your locker. You may eat in the lobby and there is a pleasant patio just outside the Main Library south doors.

Main Library: Sparty's Coffee Shop

Sparty's Coffee Shop in the Main Library has hot and cold drinks, snacks, and pre-packaged meals.

Nearby on campus

The Crossroads Food Court at the MSU International Center is a 5-10 minute walk from the Main Library. As of March 2023, the line-up of restaurants includes Panda Express, Fuji-San Sushi, Subway, and the locally-owned Woody's Oasis for Mediterranean specialties.

Campus dining halls

Visitors are welcome to eat at campus dining halls for a set price per meal. See hours, menus, and current prices. Landon Hall is closest to the Main Library.


Full service grocery

The nearest large grocery store to MSU is the Fresh Thyme Market, 940 Trowbridge Road, near the intersection of Harrison and Trowbridge. It's a 20-minute walk from the Kellogg Center. You can also use CATA's #14 bus to get there from the Kellogg Center, the Marriott East Lansing, or Owen Hall on campus.

Small grocery stores

If you're staying at the Kellogg Center, the Sparty's Market at the 1855 Place building (500 S. Harrison Road) is a 5-minute walk.

If you're staying at the Marriott East Lansing, Campbell's Market Basket at 547 East Grand River is a 5-minute walk.

If you're staying at Owen Hall on campus, the dining hall there has a modest selection of packaged foods plus cafeteria-style meals. Campbell's Market Basket at 547 East Grand River is a 15-minute walk and has more choices of fresh foods.

Nearby in East Lansing

Downtown East Lansing has many options: some quick places for lunch, and some nicer places for a relaxed evening meal.

Enjoy some East Lansing flavor! These three establishments have been local favorites for many years:


All the small stores listed under Groceries will have basic remedies like antacids and painkillers.

For a full range of over-the-counter remedies or to have a prescription filled, the CVS Pharmacy at 240 M.A.C. Avenue is a 6-8 minute walk from the MSU Main Library.