Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Museum Studies and Library Science

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the Subject

Overwhelming emphasis is on current concerns. This may include materials published in the past, but this seldom occurs.

B. Languages of Resources Collected

English is most usual, but original materials in other languages are also collected. The Canadian Conservation Institute publications are available in both languages, and several international organizations publish their colloquia in French and other European languages.

C. Geography of the Subject

We collect materials published in the United States about American libraries, primarily. Items published in English in other countries about libraries may be collected if the content apples to current problems, concerns, or interests in academic libraries, or within certain limitations, in public libraries. On the other hand, many publications about museums and museum studies originate from the UK and these are collected to the extent that they are useful for curricular studies at MSU. Preservation and conservation are mainly North American or Western European publications. Preservation efforts internationally are collected in the following precedence: the English-speaking world, Eastern Europe, and the rest of the world as funds allow.

D. Format of the Resources Collected and Treatment of the Subject

Books (print and eBooks) and periodicals (print and  electronic) mainly, although microformat and digital materials are also considered for purchase. Online reports and other publications of various U.S. agencies and organizations related to conservation, libraries and museums would be added to the library catalog. Faculty produced numeric and datasets may be collected. 

E. Date of Publication of Resources Collected

Current materials are the norm. Retrospective purchases may be considered when time and resources permit.