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Census resources


Internet census resources have grown enormously since 2000 for the countries of Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. These materials are particularly valuable for researchers since the printed versions of census results are not available often for at least a year after the census takes place, and not every library can afford to purchase census materials for each country in this region. This annotated collection of links describes the types of materials currently available and gives the census date for each country. Web sites listed are that of the official statistical or census agency of each country; if no census materials appear on these pages, other authoritative web sites are offered.

This site does not cover historical census information needed by genealogists. Very little of this type of information is available online. This is also an extremely complicated subject in Eastern Europe because of shifting borders, ethnic identities, and political regimes throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. For more information on researching genealogical ties in this region, see the Federation of East European Family History Societies website at

Albania: Census date : April 2001
Census data is available in English and Albanian, and it downloads as an Excel file. Quite a broad range of data, including labor, comparative urban and rural population figures, and dwelling and building information. Questionnaires are also posted in gif or pdf format, along with census legislation and other general information.

Armenia: Census date: October 2001
Results of the census are located under the Content link, in Armenian, English and Russian. Tables are in pdf format. Maps link has several nice maps of census results, but the images are too poor to read the accompanying text.

Belarus: Census date: February 14, 1999 (English) (Russian)
Has about 20 tables and graphs of data, some in excel format.

Bulgaria: Census date: March 2001 (Bulgarian) (English)
Enormous amount of data, some historical (back to 1887 census!), including ethnic groups by oblast, population male/female, family composition, and rural vs. urban inhabitants.  Unusual data includes information on chronic illness and alcoholism in the population. The agency provides some analytical sections and explanations of methodology.  Questionnaires are also included, all in Bulgarian.  Some files are images and very slow to load. The English language site is not as extensive, but does have final results and very interesting comparative census data going back to the 1887 census.

Croatia: Census date: March 31, 2001 (English) Croatian
The website contains Croatian and English version of census questionnaires (personal and household questionnaires), basic census definitions of "person" "household" and "dwelling," and the census law and methodologies. Complete census data has also been released in English and Croatian: this includes enumerated persons, households and housing units, educational attainment, migration, religion, language, and employment data.  All data is freely provided at the county, town and municipality level. The Croatian version has interactive maps with links to data.   The Agricultural Census took place in June 2003, and data is available at Information is in English and downloadable in Excel and variety of other formats.

Czech Republic: Census date: March 1, 2001 English Czech
The English language page contains the final results of the census in about 20 Excel files. The Czech version of the page has much more information, graphs, maps and the history of census.

Estonia: Census date: March 31, 2000; Census of Agriculture: July 2001 (population census) (agriculture census)
(English) Estonian
Population Census section has census act, census rules, census forms, history of census and some historical data going back to 1881. Data is in 20 different categories and includes population, migration, educational attainment, religion and ethnicity, marital status and childbearing data. An online database allows the user to create sophisticated, specialized data tables in either language.  The 2001 Agricultural Census data has been released and is also available in English or Estonian.

Georgia: Census Date: January 17-24, 2002 Population Census (English) Agriculture Census (English)
This very nice website by the State Department of Statistics contains data and some analysis of subjects such as migration, ethnic composition, gender equality, education and income. Maps include data on population density and concentration of ethnic populations. This page is also available in Georgian.

Hungary: Census date: February 1, 2001
Hungarian or English
All of the published volumes are now online, along with questionnaires and a gazetteer in both English and Hungarian (as of 7/06)

Kazakhstan: Census date February 26, 1999
Unfortunately, as of 2003, most of this page requires a paid subscription to access. Census information is no longer freely available at the site. As of 2007, there is some limited information on the 2006-2007 Agricultural Census (no data) and some information on the upcoming 2009 census.

Kyrgyzstan/Kyrgyz Republic: Census date March 25, 1999
Information is available in English and Russian, including summary census data from various oblasts. The main census publication is a 17-page .pdf document, and it includes both statistics and analysis.  Main census categories include population, urban and rural population, nationality and language, education, martial status, fertility of women, households, and income sources.  Some of the tables include historical information on the Kyrgyz census back to 1913.
Information on the 2002 Census of Agriculture is available in English at Only a small amount of data is located in the press releases on the site.

Latvia: Census date: March 31, 2000
Better results on the Latvian page than the English pages, but English page has a pdf of 2000 Round of Population and housing Censuses in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania  

Lithuania:  Census date: April 6-13, 2001.
Key data is available in English and Lithuanian, including tables, graphs and maps of basic results of population, ethnicity and religion. Some data is broken down to the county and municipal level. Other information is also available in both English and Lithuanian, including the history of the census in Lithuania, the census questionnaire, and methodology.  The history section has information about censuses back to the 13th century and some statistics, particularly for the 20th century censuses.  Information (in English) on the 2003 Agricultural Census can be found at The census questionnaire is at the Lithuanian site.

Macedonia: Census date: October 31, 2002. data is published in both Macedonian and English. Also has information on the 2007 Agricultural Census at (can be slow to load)

Montenegro Census date: November 2003 only) Has released more than 20 volumes of data in pdf format, but nothing has been translated into English except some introductory information and tables of contents.

Poland:  Census date: May 21-June 8, 2002 only) (English only)
National census data is available in Polish, but the only file in English is a file of Agricultural Census data at:

Romania: Census date: March 18-27, 2002.
Final results have been released as of Oct. 2002, and they are available in Romanian only through a downloadable zip file (unzipped documents are in pdf format); preliminary data has been released in both Romanian and English in zip files.  The webpage says that final results will be released in 2003, so more may be coming. Promotional materials, including videos of census advertisements, are available, along with census history and census forms as .gif images. Data from the 1992 census is also now available as a zip file.

Russia: Census date: October 2002
2002 All Russian Census (subscription)
The first site has a wealth of information on census results, including data, tables and graphs of a wide variety of topics. Most of the site is in Russian, but there is a section with basic information and data at The Eastview All-Russian census site is a searchable database of the Census in English translation.

Serbia: Census dates April 1-15, 2002, November 2005 (English)
The census in 2002 was held only for Serbia (excluding Kosovo).  All the results of the Census are now published online in pdf format (in Serbian and English) in 28 volumes, divided into books on Population, Housing and Agriculture.

Slovakia: Census date: May 26, 2001
The English version of the Slovak Statistical Office web page now has a growing amount of data in English in both xls and pdf formats.  This includes information on nationality, religion, age, and housing. The Slovak version has an enormous amount of information, including data in html, pdf and xls format in a wide variety of categories: population, religion, ethnicity, age and housing by krai and okres. Other information includes all of the census forms, instructions for the forms, laws about the census, and news and information relating to the census. The census forms themselves are particularly interesting: in Slovak, Hungarian, Rusyn, Roma, and Ukrainian. Preliminary results from the Agriculture Census are also now available in English and Slovak (11/2002)

Slovenia: Census date: April 1-15 2002 Slovenian page English language page Comprehensive census website filled with information, sample census forms (in Slovene, Hungarian,Italian and English), and data, all in .pdf format. Maps, charts and graphs as well. Has a searchable database of census statistics.

Ukraine:  Census date: November 2001.
Very comprehensive website with information and data on the census in Ukrainian, English or Russian. Very interesting section as well on the history of censuses in Ukraine.

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