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Entomology: Databases

This guide provides general library resources for entomology students and faculty, recommendations for resources for the general public, and specialized resources for specific entomology classes.

Library Treasure

Databases are some of the best resources and tools we have to offer researchers on campus. They are comprehensive, indexed collections of articles that are easy to search. They collect much of the information you will need to know to succeed as a student. Spend time getting familiar with some of the best ones out there!

Having trouble using the databases? Check out the "Search Strategy" tab at the top for tips on how to best search for literature in these databases!

Best Bets

The database listed below are some of the most used databases in the field (and in science at large). If you only have time to explore three, check these out!

Runners Up

Have a little more time on your hands? Check out some of the databases below and find the perfect database for you!

Great Specialists

Looking for something specific? We have 50+ databases that focus on the biological sciences. Check them out at the Database List (limited by the subject "Biology") or take a look at a few examples below!

Tips & Tricks

Google Scholar (and Google) use keyword searches. This means that identifying the main themes in your research question and stringing them together with Boolean Operators will bring back more useful results. Check out the "Search Strategy" tab above to help you put together your search terms!

Example Question: How effective are insectivorous birds at managing pest insects in crops?

Example Keywords: "insectivorous birds", "pest insects", "crops"

Google allows you to save articles you've found in a folder for future use. Please note that this requires a Google account. Simply click on the star under a search result on the right, and choose the folder you would like to save an article in. To retrieve that article later, simply click on "My Library" in the upper right corner.

Image of a Google Search results page with one search result stared to add to the My Library folder. Green arrows point to the star under the result, My Library, and to the folders you can choose from

Note that Google Scholar has a "Cite" feature. Be aware that while citations are normally correct, they are not check by a human and so they should be proofread. You can find citations in the most used citation style, or you can export the citation to a reference manager.

Google Scholar does not allow for bulk citation exports.

An image of the cite dialogue box in google with a list of citation styles and export options identified by green arrows