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This resource guide is the result of a collaboration between the Michigan State University Surplus Store and Recycling Center and the Libraries. This guide is meant for use by MSU students, staff, faculty, and the public and includes information and resources on waste management, consumerism, and the environmental justice impacts of disposing the products we buy. If you are aware of any resource that you think should be added to the guide, please feel free to reach out to Julia Ezzo ( or Eric Tans ( Thank you!

MSU Libraries

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The Michigan State University Libraries provides information services for MSU's campus, the local community, and the state of Michigan.

Waste Management and Recycling at MSU

MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center




The Michigan State University Surplus Store and Recycling Center services the entire MSU campus and the surrounding community, diverting waste and encouraging reuse. Whether it is clothing and apparel, office furnishing, electronics, sports equipment, or books the Surplus Store seeks to find the "highest and best use" for each item, prioritizing reuse and reduction over recycling and landfilling.


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