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Health & Life Sciences Image Resources

Sources for health and life sciences images from MSU Libraries resources

Image Usage Information

For information on using images in printed or online coursepacks see the Course Packs page.

For all of the resources listed on this page, there is no extra permission needed or cost involved for using images from these resources in online lectures and modules. This includes those that are recorded and posted onto password-protected course websites such as D2L or MediaSite (with the NetID only access setting). Unless otherwise stated, images may not be modified or altered in any way. Please provide citation information including web links.

If using images in online modules, where possible please create stable links to the images in these resources instead of hosting them.

BMJ: British Medical Journals

MSU affiliated users "may incorporate a limited number of BMJ journal articles or abstracts from the Licensed Material in electronic course packs or other educational materials solely for the benefit of those Authorised Users. Each such use must carry acknowledgement of the source, title, author and publisher." From BMJ Journals Licensing Terms.

ClinicalKey Ebooks

You may use any ClinicalKey textbook image in lectures and online modules. Do not use images from journal articles - these will require additional permissions and fees.

To stable link to the image:

As of August 2017 stable linking to images in Clinical Key does not seem to work. Users are advised to download and embed images in their course content.

McGraw-Hill Ebooks

To stable link to an image:

A. Find an image

B. click view full size, and then use the URL in the browser window as the stable link. Make sure it includes either or in the URL.

Example: Fig. 4-1, Median Life Expectancy Of Older Men and Women. Chapter 4: Geriatric Medicine In Current Diagnosis & Treatment 2016. Retrieved from:

New England Journal of Medicine



Springer Nature


For the images contained in Primal Pictures and Stat!Ref textbooks please ensure that all the copyright notices and watermarks are retained and cite the source as completely as you can.


Thieme products including books on the MedOne platform and the Thieme Teaching Assistant may be used with no additional permissions. Include in the citation a link back to the figure in its original context. Any notices must remain intact.

Please use the following citation on all images: [image citation including a link to it in context.] In Fundamentals of Medical Physiology and Physiology: An Illustrated Review. All rights reserved. © Thieme 2012.

The Guide to Using Thieme Images (PDF) is available as a quick introduction to downloading and managing images in Thieme.

Please note - Content, figure titles, or legends may be removed from images, but the copyright notices must remain intact. Original content may be added to an image, but the addition of third-party copyrighted material is not allowed. Content added to the images becomes the property of Thieme.

Please use the following citation on all images: Fundamentals of Medical Physiology and Physiology: An Illustrated Review. All rights reserved. © Thieme 2012.

To stable link to an image:

1. Find an image

2. Click on the image, note down the Figure Information and use the link in the browser's address bar as the stable link. It must include either or to be effective.

For example: Fig. 21.21 A. Posterior muscles of the shoulder and arm, Superficial dissection. Right side, posterior view. Illustrator: Karl Wesker From: Atlas of Anatomy, 2nd ed. c. Thieme 2016. Retrieved from:

Visual DX (Clinical Dermatology Images)

Visual Dx is a web-based clinical decision support system designed to aid in the identification of dermatologic, infectious, genetic, metabolic, nutritional and occupational diseases, benign and malignant growths, drug-induce conditions, and other injuries. Covers more than 1,300 pediatric and adult conditions represented by nearly 30,000 images.

That point of care tool uses images from all ranges of skin tones. You can search by specific dermatological presentation/disease/disorder and scope by skin pigmentation.

The Logical Images copyright watermark must be visible and intact.

Please use the following citation on all images: Image source: Visual Dx (

Wiley Online Library