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JRN 300: Multimedia Writing & Reporting

Community Profile

Local media


When searching for information about your town, check county and Michigan sites as well as the city/township website. Towns, hospitals and schools often report data to the county or state and don't necessarily publish the same data on their own sites.

What to look for on county/city/township websites

  • Planning Reports: often called master plans or comprehensive plans or land use plans.
    • in-depth community and economic profiles, city issues and priorities, future development projects and strategy
    • Area can also be included in regional planning reports or comprehensive plans. See Michigan regional and state-wide reports
  • County or city/township clerk's office: voting information, FOIA information, campaign finance (county clerk)

Health / COVID-19

Healthcare facilities and health-realated data is organized by county in the U.S. so check county health department sites. Example: Oakland County Health Division

Money / Business

Schools / Education

Police / Fire / Courts

District courts are organized by county. Larger counties will have several for the county. Example: Oakland County 

Court websites vary in the information they provide. Some offer livestreams, court documents, etc. 

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