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Mentors Program Coordinator: Jill Morningstar
Phone: (517) 884-0852

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Welcome to the MSU Libraries Mentors Program!

In accordance with MSU policy, the Libraries Mentors program meets the requirement at the unit level to provide formal mentoring for faculty members. "Effective mentoring is important to enhancing academic excellence and building a progressively stronger faculty composed of members who meet continuously higher standards and are competitive nationally and internationally. Mentoring programs will help the University achieve its goals for a high-quality faculty, diversity, inclusive excellence, and a respectful, positive work environment in which all members of the University community can thrive."

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MSU Libraries Mentoring Policy

The MSU Libraries views mentoring as an essential part of professional development, retention and advancement of librarians at all stages of their career.  This program will be available to all interested librarians with the full support of the Director of Libraries. The program will consist of the following components:

1. Participation:

  • Every librarian has access to a formal mentor via the MSU Library Mentoring Program.
  • The program is voluntary; librarians can choose whether or not to have a mentor.
  • The official mentoring relationship will be one year in duration.  Relationships may continue informally after that point. If the mentee wishes to repeat the official program with a different mentor, s/he must reapply.

2.  Content

  • Mentoring will reflect the needs of librarians at different career stages.
  • Mentor/mentee pairs will set goals at the beginning of the mentoring program.

3.  Policies and Procedures

  • Confidentiality is expected for mentors and mentees.
  • Mentors will incorporate networking and personal support for issues regarding gender, race, sexual orientation and ethnicity.
  • Policies, procedures, roles and expectations will be clearly communicated to all librarians.
  • A Library Mentoring Coordinator will oversee all aspects of the program in conjunction with the Human Resources office.

4.  Benefits

  • Formal mentoring will be considered in the annual review.  For mentors, mentoring is a Criterion III activity and for mentees, Criterion II.
  • Supervisors are responsible for coaching, advising and coordinating the librarians through the continuing appointment process.

5.  Evaluation

  • Evaluation of the program will be ongoing.
  • A long-term evaluation plan will exist to track outcomes annually and reassess every 5 years.
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