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Michigan State University

Reaxys Guide

Guide to creating a Reaxys account and using the chemical information database..


Reaxys is a tool to find information on chemical structures, properties, and reactions based on the chemical literature. The Reaxys database includes access to Beilstein (Organic), Gmelin (inorganic), and Patent Chemistry.

Creating an Account

To create a Reaxys account, you must be on the MSU campus or signed into the campus VPN.

Then, access Reaxys through the MSU Library Website and use the "Register" button on the main homepage to create your account.

Once you create an account on campus or through the VPN, you should be able to login off campus via the library website.

System Requirements

Reaxys is a Java-free application. It works on Mac and Windows and is supported on the following browsers:

  • Firefox (version 49 or higher)
  • Chrome (version 53 or higher)
  • Edge (HTML version 14 or higher, browser version 27 or higher)
  • Safari (version 9)
  • Internet Explorer (version 11)