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Michigan State University

Research Posters: Best Practices


Welcome to the Research Poster LibGuide!

In this guide, you'll find best practices, resources for what to include in and how to design your research poster, as well as two different templates made in each PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. If you have any questions, please reach out to Shelby Kroske ( or Theresa Moore (

Tips for a successful poster:

  • Try to avoid a text-heavy poster. Short paragraphs and bulleted lists help the viewer read the information quickly and easily.
  • The font sizes used in the templates are suggestions. Text sizes that are too small paired with line lengths that are too long make it difficult to read.
  • Use images and graphics with a high resolution, at least 240 ppi (pixels per inch). 300 ppi is best.
  • Use high-contrast colors for text. For example, use black or a dark color for text on a white or light background, and use white text on a dark background.

Visual Designer